Special Event Registration

Use the form below to register your club for one or more special events. After you enter your member number and club number, a list of events will appear in the table below. It will contain all of your previously sanctioned events (if any), along with any new events. Use the checkbox on the left side of each event row to add/remove your club from this event.

Event materials that are emailed will be sent to the club email address on file. You can also provide an alternate shipping address for receiving materials via mail.

The table and section counts for a previously sanctioned event can be edited up to 6 weeks before the event. To edit these amounts after that time, please contact specialevents@acbl.org. Please note that table and section counts are required for ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game #2 and that all materials for this event will be mailed.

Please note that you should not register for more than Longest Day Event.

Alternate Address Info

This alternate address will be used for all of the events sanctioned below. If you would like to specify a different alternate address for one or more events, please contact specialevents@acbl.org .


Event Name Date Session Expected Table Count Expected Section Count
Please enter the club number and member number of the director/manager above
One or more table/section counts are invalid in the list above. There must be at least 7 tables per section. Please check the highlighted fields before you submit the form.
The member number or club number is missing or invalid. Please check them before submitting again.