Find a Teacher

Personal instruction is a great way to learn and meet other bridge players. Use this form to find a teacher near you. Or contact your local bridge club. Teachers: If you would like to be included on this site, please fill out the Online Teacher Listing Application.

Note: City and ZIP code searches use a radius search to find nearby teachers. Distances are approximate.

Name City State Country District Unit
Don Malone Rockford IL US 8 239
David Dong Rockville MD US 6 147
Mrs Dalia Kende Rockville MD US 6 147
Ms Sylvia Shi Rockville MD US 6 147
Dr Osman F Guner Rohnert Park CA US 21 509
Ms Gerri Soffa Carlson Rolling Hills CA US 23 568
Mj Malloy Roseland FL US 9 240
Dominique Dagenais Rosemere QC CD 1 151
Ms Susan Jackson Roseville MN US 14 178
Mrs Barbara Rothkin Roseville CA US 21 505
Mrs Willi Williams Roseville CA US 21 505
Bob Goldman Roslyn NY US 24 242
Mr Jan J Herweijer Rotterdam NN 99 999
Mike Diesel Roxbury MA US 25 108
Mr Paul S Cohen Rutland VT US 25 175