Find a Teacher

Personal instruction is a great way to learn and meet other bridge players. Use this form to find a teacher near you. Or contact your local bridge club. Teachers: If you would like to be included on this site, please fill out the Online Teacher Listing Application.

Note: City and ZIP code searches use a radius search to find nearby teachers. Distances are approximate.

Name City State Country District Unit
Sally Sassen Austin TX US 16 207
Ms Dani Woods Austin TX US 16 207
Gerty R Nassi Aventura FL US 9 128
Mrs Joan L Brod Avon CT US 25 126
Ms Anne A Sommer Bainbridge Isl WA US 19 451
Mr Edward M Frymoyer Bainbridge Isl. WA US 21 498
Miss Lucy J Shostak Baldwin NY US 24 242
Phyllis B Siegel Ballwin MO US 8 143
Ms Lannetta Schmidt Baltimore MD US 6 135
Dr Marc C Brenner Barrie ON CD 2 246
Mr Thomas R Kinnear Barrie ON CD 2 246
Dale S Mackenzie Barrie ON CD 2 246
Dr Frank J Mustoe Barrie ON CD 2 246
Maggie Sparrow Barrie ON CD 2 246
Connie F Hester Baton Rouge LA US 10 182