Find a Teacher

Personal instruction is a great way to learn and meet other bridge players. Use this form to find a teacher near you. Or contact your local bridge club. Teachers: If you would like to be included on this site, please fill out the Online Teacher Listing Application.

Note: City and ZIP code searches use a radius search to find nearby teachers. Distances are approximate.

Name City State Country District Unit
Mr Joe Carbo III Pineville LA US 10 221
Ms Linda Harrison Pittsburg TX US 16 225
Mrs Judi A Sonon Pittsburgh PA US 5 142
Mr Peter W Samsel Pittsfield MA US 25 196
Dr R. Anthony Auriemma Pittsford NY US 4 112
Mark A McDermott Pittsford NY US 4 112
Ms Egda Delaney Placitas NM US 17 374
Mr Michael Delaney Placitas NM US 17 374
Mrs Valarie Remmers Plano TX US 16 176
Carolyn M Heyn Pls Vrds Est CA US 23 568
Mrs Mignon Nearmyer Plymouth MN US 14 178
Mrs Elaine C Sheeran Plymouth MA US 25 108
Bill Wennerberg Plymouth MA US 25 108
Ms Cathy A Kratz Pocatello ID US 18 399
Mr Wade D Short Pointe Du Chene NB CD 1 230