Find a Teacher

Personal instruction is a great way to learn and meet other bridge players. Use this form to find a teacher near you. Or contact your local bridge club. If you can't find a teacher in your area, contact the ACBL Education Department. Teachers: If you would like to be included on this site, please fill out the Online Teacher Listing Application.

Note: City and ZIP code searches use a radius search to find nearby teachers. Distances are approximate.

Name City State Country District Unit
Rodney L Bias AZ US 17 354
Mr Girish R Bijoor 99 999
Barbara E Dever 17 356
Mr Fred E Eberlin OH US 5 125
Mr Fred E Eberlin OH US 5 125
F. Marion Fletcher 7 252
Dr Steven A Frank 9 128
Mr James R Gavin 9 128
Mr Hubert (Bud) T Hamilton 20 464
Ms Elinor L Hood 20 487
Pamela McKissack SA 99 999
Richard E Morici 24 242
Mr John J O'Hara 2 246
Jane Schaffer 7 114
Mrs Coleen S Grisham Abilene TX US 16 224