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Name City State Country District Unit
Aurora's Bridge Studio Mexico DF MX 16 173
Amigos Bridge Club Mexico City DF MX 16 173
Bridge with Chef Alan Miami FL US 9 128
Coral Gables Friendship Cl Inc Miami FL US 9 128
La Gorce CC/BC Miami Beach FL US 9 128
Miami Beach Jewish Comm Center Miami Beach FL US 9 128
Miami Lakes DBC #2 Miami Lakes FL US 9 128
Michigan City DBC Michigan City IN US 8 154
Middleburg Bridge Club Middleburg VA US 6 218
Southwest DBC Middleburg Hts OH US 5 125
M O T Duplicate Bridge Club Middletown DE US 4 190
ABC Club Midland TX US 16 209
Chemical City Duplicate Midland MI US 12 200
Greater Permian Basin Midland TX US 16 209
Midland Bridge Club Midland ON CD 2 246