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Name City State Country District Unit
McCook Duplicate Club McCook NE US 14 184
SLV-Duplicate McCormick SC US 7 160
Oak Valley Bridge Club McMinnville OR US 20 490
McRae Duplicate Club McRae-Helena GA US 7 114
Meadville Bridge Club Meadville PA US 5 226
Meaford Duplicate Bridge Club Meaford ON CD 2 249
Jackson County Bridge Club Medford OR US 20 484
Phoenix Rising Bridge Club Medford OR US 20 484
Bridge Center of Del Co Media PA US 4 141
Whitford Bridge Club Media PA US 4 141
Medicine Hat Bridge Club Medicine Hat AB CD 18 393
Medina Bridge Club Medina OH US 5 107
Bridge Studio Melbourne FL US 9 240
Wickham Park Senior Center Melbourne FL US 9 240
East Memphis Bridge Club Memphis TN US 10 144