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Name City State Country District Unit
Little Rock DBC Little Rock AR US 10 161
Livermore Bridge Club Livermore CA US 21 501
Liverpool DBC Liverpool NS CD 1 194
Essex Bridge Center Livingston NJ US 3 140
Livingston Bridge Club Livingston MT US 18 405
Livingston Duplicate Club Livingston TX US 16 174
Shrine Center Bridge Club Livingston NJ US 3 140
Lockport Duplicate Lockport NY US 5 116
The South Bay Br Club Inc Lomita CA US 23 568
Alpha Bridge Club Lompoc CA US 22 528
Lompoc Community BC Lompoc CA US 22 528
London Bridge Centre Inc London ON CD 2 249
Bauer's Bridge Lone Tree CO US 17 361
Long Beach Bridge Center Long Beach CA US 23 557
Long Beach DBC Long Beach IN US 8 154