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Name City State Country District Unit
Midday Duplicate Club Knoxville TN US 7 165
Sequoyah DBC Knoxville TN US 7 165
Sunday's Best Limited Knoxville TN US 7 165
Thursday Morning Bridge Club Knoxville TN US 7 165
Kodiak Duplicate Club Kodiak AK US 19 425
Kokomo Ind and Prof Dup Bl Kokomo IN US 8 154
Club De Bridge De L'ile L'Ile-Bizard QC CD 1 151
Club de bridge de La Baie La Baie QC CD 1 199
La Crosse DBC La Crosse WI US 13 149
La Grange Bridge Club La Grange TX US 16 174
Alice C Kellogg Bridge La Jolla CA US 22 526
Bridge 41 La Verne CA US 23 551
Lachute DBC Lachute QC CD 1 151
Northshore DBC Inc Lacombe LA US 10 134
Laconia Bridge Laconia NH US 25 150