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Name City State Country District Unit
Keene DBC Keene NH US 25 150
North Grenville DBC Kemptville ON CD 1 192
Kearney Duplicate Club Kearney NE US 14 184
Sun Valley Bridge Ketchum ID US 18 400
Weds Matinee Key Biscayne FL US 9 128
Kennesaw Bridge Club Kennesaw GA US 7 253
Keyser DBC Keyser WV US 5 177
CONCH DBC Key West FL US 9 128
Kerrville DBC Kerrville TX US 16 172
Delaware Wed Night DBC Kenmore NY US 5 116
Parkinson Activity Centre Kelowna BC CD 19 571
Key Largo Matchpointers Key Largo FL US 9 128
Let's Play Bridge Club Kelowna BC CD 19 571
Ocean Reef Card and Game Room Key Largo FL US 9 128
Kenai River Kings and Queens Kenai AK US 19 425