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Name City State Country District Unit
Sunshine DBC Johnstown PA US 5 185
Aces and Spaces Jefferson Cty MO US 15 131
Ace of Clubs Johnson City TN US 7 165
Club de bridge Coeur Atout Jonquiere QC CD 1 199
Admirals Cove Jupiter FL US 9 128
JC Bridge Club Jefferson Cty MO US 15 131
Jasper Dupl Bridge Club Jasper IN US 11 193
Yorktown Bridge Club Jenkintown PA US 4 141
Jonesboro Bridge Studio Jonesboro AR US 10 161
Gooding Dupl Bridge Club Jerome ID US 18 400
Big Canoe Bridge Club Jasper GA US 7 114
Johnstown Presby Johnstown PA US 5 185
Chautaqua Area Bridge Club Jamestown NY US 5 129
Club De Bridge "Le Squeeze" Jonquiere QC CD 1 199
Juneau Bridge Club Juneau AK US 19 427