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Name City State Country District Unit
Highland Duplicate Bridge Club Highland MI US 12 203
Northshore DBC Highland Park IL US 13 123
Highland DBC Highland IL US 8 223
Furniture City Bridge Club High Point NC US 7 169
Wildcat Cliffs DBC Highlands NC US 7 171
Cypress Duplicate Hilton Head SC US 7 252
Highland Falls Country Club Highlands NC US 7 171
Calumet DBC Highland IN US 8 154
Highlands Country Club Bridge Highlands NC US 7 171
South Shore League Hewlett NY US 24 242
Ducats Bridge Club Hinsdale IL US 13 123
Hillsboro Bridge Club Hillsboro Beach FL US 9 243
Highlands DBC Highlands NC US 7 171
Hilton Head Island BC Hilton Head SC US 7 252
Bridge Center of Central NJ Hillsborough NJ US 3 140