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Name City State Country District Unit
Harlingen DBC Harlingen TX US 16 237
Capitol City Duplicate Hallowell ME US 25 189
Norwich DBC Hanover NH US 25 150
The Bridge Studio - MCandG Halifax NS CD 1 194
Mt Hamilton Bridge Club Hamilton ON CD 2 166
PBC Bridge Club Hampton VA US 6 110
ADATH Israel Hampstead QC CD 1 151
Birchwood Bridge Club Harbor Spgs MI US 12 195
Halifax Bridge World Halifax NS CD 1 194
Tangipahoa DBC Hammond LA US 10 182
Hamilton Bridge Centre Hamilton ON CD 2 166
Monday Bridge Group Harrisburg IL US 8 223
Hamilton Bridge Luver's Group Hamilton ON CD 2 166
Magic Valley Unit Harlingen TX US 16 237
Haliburton Highlands BC Haliburton ON CD 2 246