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Name City State Country District Unit
Unit 551 Glendora CA US 23 551
The Atria Bridge Club Glen Cove NY US 24 242
Stone's Bridge Club Gilroy CA US 21 524
Regency Bridge Center Glendale CA US 23 553
Milt Frazier DBC Glenshaw PA US 5 142
Gate City Bridge Club Glendive MT US 18 404
Glen Oak Country Club Glen Ellyn IL US 13 123
Queen of Clubs Glencoe IL US 13 123
Georgetown Lights Georgetown TX US 16 207
Germantown Duplicate BC Germantown TN US 10 144
Philadelphia Country Clb Gladwyne PA US 4 141
Miracle Miles DBC Gleneden Bch OR US 20 572
Sun City Georgetown DBC Georgetown TX US 16 207
Glenshaw DBC Glenshaw PA US 5 142
La Fetra Bridge Center Glendora CA US 23 551