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Name City State Country District Unit
Shakespeare's Elbow BC Cote Saint Luc QC CD 1 151
T B D J Dupl Bridge Club Cote Saint Luc QC CD 1 151
The Dorey Bridge Club Cowansville QC CD 1 151
Rocky Mountain Bridge Club Cranbrook BC CD 19 574
Crescent City DBC Crescent City FL US 9 128
Crested Butte Bridge Club Crested Butte CO US 17 364
Creston DBC Creston BC CD 19 574
Top of Tahoe Bridge Club Crystal Bay NV US 21 465
Crystal Lake DBC Crystal Lake IL US 8 239
Crystal River DBC Crystal River FL US 9 128
Cullman DBC Cullman AL US 10 157
Cullman Monday Night DBC Cullman AL US 10 157
Culpeper DBC Culpeper VA US 6 139
Cumberland Bridge Club Cumberland MD US 5 177
Mattituck DBC Cutchogue NY US 24 242