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Name City State Country District Unit
Suzanne's Bridge Club Cornwall ON CD 1 192
South Texas Unit 187 Corpus Christi TX US 16 187
Cornwall Sr Citizens' BC Cornwall ON CD 1 192
Gail's Club Corona Dl Mar CA US 22 515
Vail Area Bridge Games Cordillera CO US 17 364
Corning Senior Center DBC Corning NY US 4 112
Moon Area Duplicate Coraopolis PA US 5 142
Coronado Duplicate Bridge Club Coronado CA US 22 519
Corner Brook DBC Corner Brook NL CD 1 194
Costa Mesa Bridge Club Costa Mesa CA US 22 515
Corbin Tri-County DBC Corbin KY US 11 164
Crazy 4 Bridge Cornelius NC US 7 153
Riviera Duplicate BC Coral Gables FL US 9 128
Terri's Duplicate Bridge Club Cornwall ON CD 1 192
Corvallis DBC Corvallis OR US 20 477