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Name City State Country District Unit
River Landing at SR Colfax NC US 7 169
Coeur D'Alene DBC Coeur D Alene ID US 18 395
Colby DBC Colby KS US 15 132
Kootenai DBC Coeur D Alene ID US 18 395
Valley Bridge Club Coldbrook NS CD 1 194
Clinton Duplicate Bridge Club Clinton IA US 14 163
Wynmoor Village BC Coconut Creek FL US 9 243
Cobourg DBC Cobourg ON CD 2 246
Blue Mountain Bridge Club Collingwood ON CD 2 246
Saratoga Duplicate Club Clifton Park NY US 3 115
Pebble Creek Dup Bridge Club College Sta TX US 16 174
Colleyville Duplicate BC Colleyville TX US 16 183
Mayfield Sand Ridge Club Dup Cleveland OH US 5 125
Heights Duplicate Club Cleveland OH US 5 125
Womens Contract Club Cleveland OH US 5 125