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Name City State Country District Unit
Celebrate Bridge Celebration FL US 9 240
Redwood Bridge Center Castro Valley CA US 21 500
Chambersburg BC Chambersburg PA US 4 168
Sun Lakes DBC Chandler AZ US 17 351
Marion Club Cedar Rapids IA US 14 163
Cedar Point Bridge Club Cedar Point NC US 7 119
Castle Rock Bridge Castle Rock CO US 17 361
Build Better Bridge Club Cedar Rapids IA US 14 163
Centralia Bridge Club Centralia WA US 19 441
G.C. Bridge Club Chapel Hill NC US 7 191
Champaign DBC Champaign IL US 8 208
Cedar Valley Intermediates Cedar Falls IA US 14 163
Ashley River DBC Charleston SC US 7 160
Charles Town DBC Charles Town WV US 4 168
At The Corner DBC Champaign IL US 8 208