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Name City State Country District Unit
Carroll County DC Westminster MD US 6 135
Westwood DBC Westwood MA US 25 108
Weyburn Duplicate Bridge Weyburn SK CD 18 573
Whistler Duplicate Bridge Club Whistler BC CD 19 429
Fitchburg DBC Westminster MA US 25 113
Wheaton Thursday DBC Wheaton IL US 13 123
Gardner Bridge Club Westminster MA US 25 113
Walker's Weston FL US 9 243
Come Play Bridge of Westport Westport CT US 25 126
The Hartes' Club White Plains NY US 3 188
Shaar Hashomayim DBC Westmount QC CD 1 151
Bonaventure DBC Weston FL US 9 243
Holiday Park Senior Centr Wheaton MD US 6 147
Wheeling Dup Bridge Club Wheeling WV US 5 148
WestHampton DBC Westhampton Bch NY US 24 242