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Name City State Country District Unit
Adobe Bridge Club Tucson AZ US 17 356
Br Studio of Tulsa #6 Tulsa OK US 15 158
Mountain View DBC Tucson AZ US 17 356
Peninsula DBC Traverse City MI US 12 195
Truro DBC Truro NS CD 1 194
Friendly Troy MI US 12 203
Trenton Bridge Club Trenton ON CD 2 246
Pegotty's Bridge Club Troy MI US 12 203
Bridge Ctr of Greater Tucson Tucson AZ US 17 356
Mike's Play and Learn Bridge Tucson AZ US 17 356
Trenton DBC Trenton MI US 12 137
Tucson Charity Bridge Club Inc Tucson AZ US 17 356
Tucumcari Duplicate Club Tucumcari NM US 17 374
Foothills DBC Tryon NC US 7 171
Trumbull DBC Trumbull CT US 25 126