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Name City State Country District Unit
Slidell Dupl Bridge Slidell LA US 10 134
Smiths Falls DBC Smiths Falls ON CD 1 192
Duplicate of Solon Solon OH US 5 125
Bayside DBC Somers Point NJ US 4 141
Smithfield Bridge Club Smithfield NC US 7 119
Heritage Hills DBC Somers NY US 3 188
The Bridge Connection Southfield MI US 12 203
Vintage Duplicate BC Sonoma CA US 21 512
Sophie's Bridge Club Solon OH US 5 125
Sonora Bridge Club Sonora CA US 21 529
Cl de Bridge Sorel-Tracy Sorel-Tracy QC CD 1 151
Smithtown Br Studio Smithtown NY US 24 242
Pelican Bridge Club Slidell LA US 10 134
Sandhills Bridge Center LLC Southern Pnes NC US 7 119
Somerset DBC Somerset KY US 11 164