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Name City State Country District Unit
Fun Duplicate Bridge Club St Clr Shores MI US 12 203
Camelot Summer Interlude St Catharines ON CD 2 255
Bridge on The Edge Inc St Johns NL CD 1 194
Cl De Br St Lambert Inc St Lambert QC CD 1 151
Camelot Bridge Club St Catharines ON CD 2 255
C de Bridge Ste-Julie St Julie QC CD 1 151
Shore-Pointe Bridge Club St Clr Shores MI US 12 203
St Hilaire Bridge Club St Hilaire QC CD 1 151
Cl de Br des Richelains St Jean Sur Ric QC CD 1 151
St Clair DBC St Clair MI US 12 203
Belmont Hills Country Club St Clairsvle OH US 5 148
St Hyacinthe Bridge Club St Hyacinthe QC CD 1 151
Club De Bridge St Jerome St Jerome QC CD 1 151
Bit O Bridge Club St Louis MO US 8 143
Club de Bridge St Eustache St Eustache QC CD 1 151