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Name City State Country District Unit
Sarnia Stepping Stones Sarnia ON CD 2 249
Saskatoon BC Saskatoon SK CD 18 575
Satellite Beach DBC Satellite Bch FL US 9 240
Algoma- Cambrian DBC Sault Ste Marie ON CD 2 212
Alliance DBC Savannah GA US 7 202
Savannah DBC Inc Savannah GA US 7 202
Valley Bridge Club Sayre PA US 4 120
Highland Creek Bridge Club Scarboro ON CD 2 166
The Toronto Hunt Club Scarborough ON CD 2 166
The Bridge Deck Scarsdale NY US 3 188
Scotch Plains DBC Scotch Plains NJ US 3 140
Scottsbluff Gering DBC Scottsbluff NE US 14 184
Scottsboro Bridge Club Scottsboro AL US 10 232
Black Mountain DBC Scottsdale AZ US 17 354
Bridge on Shea Scottsdale AZ US 17 354