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Name City State Country District Unit
Tiny Lions at Affinity DBC Billings MT US 18 404
Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Cl Birmingham AL US 10 157
Appalachian Bridge Club Blairsville GA US 7 114
Bismarck Bridge Club Bismarck ND US 14 104
Abe's Bridge Club Birmingham Birmingham AL US 10 157
Blacksburg Duplicate BC Blacksburg VA US 6 231
Beverly Hills Bridge Club Beverly Hills CA US 23 562
Big Bear Bridge Club Big Bear City CA US 22 516
Acacia 168 Bloomfld Hls MI US 12 203
Bridge Academy of Bloomfield Bloomfield MI US 12 203
Bidding Box Blacksburg VA US 6 231
Billings Bridge Club Billings MT US 18 404
Big Spring Duplicate Big Spring TX US 16 209
Second Friday Bridge Club Bloomfield Hill MI US 12 203
Bishop Bridge Club Bishop CA US 22 517