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Name City State Country District Unit
Mimi's Bridge Club Palm Desert CA US 22 533
Mission Hills DBC Palm Desert CA US 22 533
Palm Springs Bridge Club Palm Springs CA US 22 533
Joshua Tree Bridge Club Palmdale CA US 23 556
Palo Alto Duplicate Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Tuesday Noon Bridge Club Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Unit 503 Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Wed Aft 199ers Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Panama City DBC Panama City FL US 9 219
Waynesborough CC/DBC Paoli PA US 4 141
Paris D Players Paris IL US 8 208
Mountain Bridge Park City UT US 18 386
Parkhill Bridge Club LC Park Hill ON CD 2 249
Friday Afternoon Parkersburg WV US 5 148
Oceanside DBC Parksville BC CD 19 429