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Name City State Country District Unit
Friendly Friday Newport News VA US 6 110
Newport Club Newport VT US 25 175
Aurora Bridge Club Newmarket ON CD 2 246
Newport Bridge Club Newport OR US 20 572
Newmkt Non Smoking DBC Newmarket ON CD 2 246
Norfolk Bridge Studio Norfolk CT US 25 126
Newtown Bridge Club Newtown CT US 25 126
Niwot Bridge Club Niwot CO US 17 359
Scallop Niantic CT US 25 126
Newnan DBC Newnan GA US 7 114
Blacklake Nipomo DBC Nipomo CA US 22 540
Great Bay Bridge Club Newington NH US 25 150
Newton Bridge Club Newton MA US 25 108
Battlefords DBC No Battleford SK CD 18 575
Aronimink Golf Club Newtown Sq PA US 4 141