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Name City State Country District Unit
Tom Cheetham Nashua DBC Nashua NH US 25 150
Hillwood CC DBC Nashville TN US 10 179
Vanderbilt BC of Nashville Nashville TN US 10 179
Bahamas Contract Bridge Club Nassau BA 99 999
St Denis Duplicate Club Natchitoches LA US 10 221
Natrona Hts Duplicate Natrona Hts PA US 5 142
North Hill Bridge Club Needham MA US 25 108
Kokanee Bridge Club Nelson BC CD 19 574
Friendly Seniors DBC Neptune Beach FL US 9 128
Dartmouth BC New Bedford MA US 25 108
Neuse River Bridge Club New Bern NC US 7 119
Trent River DBC New Bern NC US 7 119
Hill Country New Braunfels TX US 16 172
Mohawk Valley Brdg Assoc New Hartford NY US 4 112
Les Amis Duplicate BC New Iberia LA US 10 221