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Name City State Country District Unit
Muncie DBC Muncie IN US 11 130
Faraway Island Bridge Club Nantucket MA US 25 108
Muskegon DBC Muskegon MI US 12 195
Murfreesboro DBC Murfreesboro TN US 10 179
Napa Valley Bridge Club Napa CA US 21 512
Green Country DBC Muskogee OK US 15 158
Mundelein Area DBC Mundelein IL US 13 123
Saltmarsh DBC Nantucket MA US 25 108
Nanaimo Bridge Club Nanaimo BC CD 19 429
Bridge Club of Northern RI N Smithfield RI US 25 145
Myrtle Beach Bridge Assoc Myrtle Beach SC US 7 160
Wine Country Bridge Club Napa CA US 21 512
Goodtime DBC Murrieta CA US 22 534
Naperville DBC Naperville IL US 13 123
Bridge Center of St Paul N Saint Paul MN US 14 103