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Name City State Country District Unit
Bridge Club of Bakersfield Bakersfield CA US 22 514
Heather Gardens BC Aurora CO US 17 361
Aurora Wed Duplicators Aurora IL US 8 239
Vail Valley Bridge Club Avon CO US 17 364
Le Club De Bridge Baie-Comeau QC CD 1 199
Bridge Center of Austin Austin TX US 16 207
Westlake BC Austin TX US 16 207
CSRA Bridge Club #2 Augusta GA US 7 202
Winslow DBC Bainbridge Is WA US 19 451
Austin Bridge South Austin TX US 16 207
Austin Senior Activity Center Austin TX US 16 207
Lop DBC Auburn CA US 20 461
Delta-Montrose Bridge Club Austin CO US 17 364
Club de Baie St Paul Baie St Paul QC CD 1 152
Cavendish Cl of Worcester Auburn MA US 25 113