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Name City State Country District Unit
Bit O Bridge Club Lake St Louis S MO US 8 143
Valencia Shores Master Assn Lake Worth FL US 9 128
Lakeland Duplicate Bridge Club Lakeland FL US 9 128
Classy Seniors DBC Lakeville MA US 25 108
Lake Travis BC Lakeway TX US 16 207
Four Seasons at Lakewood Lakewood NJ US 3 140
Toms River Bridge Club Lakewood NJ US 3 140
Deb and John Klinger BC Lancaster PA US 4 168
Maple Grove Players Lancaster PA US 4 168
Northern Neck DBC Lancaster VA US 6 109
Thursday DBC Lancaster OH US 11 122
Ami Bridge Langhorne PA US 4 141
Scottsville DBC Langhorne PA US 4 141
Lansing Bridge Center Lansing MI US 12 195
High Ridge Bridge Club Lantana FL US 9 128