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Name City State Country District Unit
Lake Charles DBC Lake Charles LA US 10 221
Lake City DBC Lake City FL US 9 128
Geneva Lakes DBC Lake Geneva WI US 13 222
Adirondack DBC Lake George NY US 3 115
Lake Havasu DBC Lake Havasu Cty AZ US 17 355
Lake Havasu Lakeview Bridge Lake Havasu Cty AZ US 17 355
Bar-X (Non-Smoking) BC Lake Jackson TX US 16 174
Diamond DBC Lake Jackson TX US 16 174
Gulf Coast DBC Lake Jackson TX US 16 174
Flames Games Lake Katrine NY US 3 236
The Ace of Clubs Bridge Ctr Lake Oswego OR US 20 487
Lake Wales Senior Center BC Lake Placid FL US 9 128
Westminster Lake Ridge Lake Ridge VA US 6 218
Bit O Bridge Club Lake St Louis S MO US 8 143
Valencia Shores Master Assn Lake Worth FL US 9 128