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Name City State Country District Unit
Highland Lakes Duplicate Club Kingsland TX US 16 207
Kingwood Duplicate Bridge Club Kingwood TX US 16 174
Kincardine Duplicate BC Kincardine ON CD 2 249
Grand River Bridge Club Kitchener ON CD 2 249
Annapolis Valley DBC Kingston NS CD 1 194
Kitty Hawk Duplicate Kitty Hawk NC US 6 146
Valley Forge Bridge Club King of Prussia PA US 4 141
Kirksville DBC Kirksville MO US 15 131
ERC DBC Kingsport TN US 7 165
Big Orange Country DBC Knoxville TN US 7 165
Fairfield DBC Kinston NC US 7 119
Lorraine's Game Kingman AZ US 17 355
Kincardine Friday Duplicate Kincardine ON CD 2 249
Basin Bridge Club Klamath Falls OR US 20 482
Kingston DBC Kingston ON CD 1 192