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Name City State Country District Unit
Holiday Island DBC Holiday Island AR US 15 247
Monday DBC Holland MI US 12 195
Altoona DBC Hollidaysburg PA US 5 185
Azamara/Royal Caribbean Cruise Hollister CA US 99 250
Buena Vista Bridge Club Hollister CA US 21 524
Duplicate with Darlene Hollister CA US 99 250
Princess Cruises Hollister CA US 99 250
Royal Caribbean Cruise Ln Hollister CA US 99 250
Hollywood Bridge Club Hollywood FL US 9 243
Kachemak Bay Bridge Club Homer AK US 19 425
Honesdale-Hawley DBC Honesdale PA US 4 120
Honolulu Unit Honolulu HI US 20 470
Oahu Bridge Players Honolulu HI US 20 470
Over Doubled Waters BC Hoover AL US 10 157
Little River Duplicate Hopkinsville KY US 11 193