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Name City State Country District Unit
The Bridge Studio - MCandG Halifax NS CD 1 194
Gulf Coast Clubhouse Gulfport MS US 10 180
Fountain Head CC Hagerstown MD US 4 168
Hagerstown DBC Hagerstown MD US 4 168
Bridge Studio at Cedar Creek Gun Barrel City TX US 16 225
Mt Hamilton Bridge Club Hamilton ON CD 2 166
PBC Bridge Club Hampton VA US 6 110
Tangipahoa DBC Hammond LA US 10 182
ADATH Israel Hampstead QC CD 1 151
Northampton Bridge Club Hadley MA US 25 196
Haliburton Highlands BC Haliburton ON CD 2 246
Halifax Bridge World Halifax NS CD 1 194
Capitol City Duplicate Hallowell ME US 25 189
Hamilton Bridge Luver's Group Hamilton ON CD 2 166
Hamilton Bridge Centre Hamilton ON CD 2 166