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Name City State Country District Unit
Carson Valley Bridge Club Gardnerville NV US 21 465
RSVP Bridge Club Gainesville VA US 6 218
Garnett DBC Garnett KS US 15 132
Country Bridge Gates Mills OH US 5 125
Garden City DBC Garden City KS US 15 132
Gabriola Duplicate BC Gabriola BC CD 19 429
Galveston DBC Galveston TX US 16 174
Garden City DBC Garden City NY US 24 242
Oak Hammock Duplicate Bridge C Gainesville FL US 9 128
Gatorbridge Gainesville FL US 9 128
Lanierland DBC Gainesville GA US 7 114
Community Bridge Club Gary IN US 12 154
Galesburg Duplicate BC Galesburg IL US 8 208
Gaithersburg BC Gaithersburg MD US 6 147
Gadsden Bridge Club Gadsden AL US 10 157
Gainesville Bridge Club Gainesville FL US 9 128