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Name City State Country District Unit
Friendly Village Bridge Club Fallbrook CA US 22 531
Bridge Club of Northern VA Falls Church VA US 6 218
Butler's Bridge Club Falmouth MA US 25 108
Fargo Country Club DC Fargo ND US 14 104
Fargo DBC Fargo ND US 14 104
Four Corners Duplicate Cl Farmington NM US 17 381
Fayetteville Duplicator's Fayetteville NC US 7 119
Fort Bragg Duplicate Fayetteville NC US 7 119
Penn National Bridge Club Fayetteville PA US 4 168
Amelia Island DBC Fernandina FL US 9 128
Nassau Bridge Club Fernandina FL US 9 128
Hearts DBC Fernie BC CD 19 574
Emerald Bridge Club Fife WA US 19 451
Fishers Island DBC Fishers Isle NY US 24 242
Diane's Bridge Club Fitchburg WI US 13 149