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Name City State Country District Unit
Dodge City Duplicators Club Dodge City KS US 15 132
Donalda Club DBC Don Mills ON CD 2 166
West Island Bridge Club Dorval QC CD 1 151
Wiregrass DBC Dothan AL US 10 157
Pride of Judea Douglaston NY US 24 155
Douglas County DBC Douglasville GA US 7 114
Friday Nooners Dover DE US 4 190
Monday Morning DBC Dover DE US 4 190
All Bridge Saints Downers Grove IL US 13 123
Downey Whittier BC Downey CA US 23 564
Doylestown Bridge Club Doylestown PA US 4 141
Doylestown Country Club Doylestown PA US 4 141
Canadian Bridge Group DUBAI Dubai UA 99 999
Dubai Ladies Bridge Club Dubai UA 99 999
Dubuque Duplicate Bridge Club Dubuque IA US 14 163