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Name City State Country District Unit
Dalhousie DBC Dalhousie NB CD 1 230
Bridge Academy of North Dallas Dallas TX US 16 176
Bridgelady Duplicate Club Dallas PA US 4 120
Valley View Bridge Club Dallas TX US 16 176
Dalton DBC Dalton GA US 7 114
Salt Bay Dupilcate Bridge Club Damariscotta ME US 25 189
Danville Bridge Club Danville CA US 21 499
Danville DBC Danville IL US 8 208
Danville DBC Danville VA US 6 139
Come Play Bridge of Darien Darien CT US 25 126
D C A Bridge Club Darien CT US 25 126
Fairfield County Bridge Darien CT US 25 126
Wee Burn CBC Darien CT US 25 126
Woodway Country Club/DBC Darien CT US 25 126
Dataw Island Bridge Club Dataw Island SC US 7 252
Another Bridge Club Davie FL US 9 243