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Name City State Country District Unit
Danville DBC Danville IL US 8 208
Dataw Island Bridge Club Dataw Island SC US 7 252
Wee Burn CBC Darien CT US 25 126
Bridgelady Duplicate Club Dallas PA US 4 120
Come Play Bridge of Darien Darien CT US 25 126
Fairfield County Bridge Darien CT US 25 126
Danville Bridge Club Danville CA US 21 499
MVBA Bridge Center Dayton OH US 11 136
Daytona Metropolitan BC Daytona Beach FL US 9 128
Dalton DBC Dalton GA US 7 114
D C A Bridge Club Darien CT US 25 126
Danville DBC Danville VA US 6 139
Another Bridge Club Davie FL US 9 243
Ford Duplicate Bridge Club Dearborn MI US 12 137
Valley View Bridge Club Dallas TX US 16 176
Salt Bay Duplicate Bridge Club Damariscotta ME US 25 189