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Name City State Country District Unit
Devon Yacht Bridge Club Amagansett NY US 24 242
Duplicate Bridge of Amarillo Amarillo TX US 15 210
Amesbury Duplicate BC Amesbury MA US 25 108
Alton/Wolfeboro Alton NH US 25 150
Boone DBC Ames IA US 14 216
Club De Br D Alma Inc Alma QC CD 1 199
Piasa Bridge Club Alton IL US 8 223
Cyclone DBC Ames IA US 14 216
Ames Open DBC Ames IA US 14 216
Northern Va Unit 218 Alexandria VA US 6 218
Almonte DBC Almonte ON CD 1 192
Lehigh Country Club DBC Allentown PA US 4 133
Unit 133 Allentown PA US 4 133
LVAL Bridge Club Allentown PA US 4 133
Amherst Duplicate BC Amherst NS CD 1 230