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Name City State Country District Unit
Harvey's Bridge Cardiff Sea CA US 22 531
Club de Bridge de la Bail Carleton QC CD 1 199
Carlsbad Duplicate Club Carlsbad NM US 17 376
La Costa Glen Carlsbad CA US 22 531
Carman Bridge Club Carman MB CD 2 181
Carmel Valley Manor DBC Carmel CA US 21 530
Stratford At West Clay Carmel IN US 11 130
Carrollton DBC Carrollton GA US 7 114
Cube Bridge Club Carson City NV US 21 465
Queen of Hearts Cary NC US 7 119
Cashiers Duplicate Bridge Club Cashiers NC US 7 171
Oil City Bridge Club Casper WY US 18 420
Castle Rock Bridge Castle Rock CO US 17 361
Redwood Bridge Center Castro Valley CA US 21 500
San Felipe Bridge Club Castro Valley CA US 21 500