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Name City State Country District Unit
McKinley Unit Club Canton OH US 5 213
Van Zandt County DBC Canton TX US 16 225
Jim Wilson Duplicate BC Canyon TX US 15 210
Cape Canaveral Bridge Club Cape Canaveral FL US 9 240
Cape May County DBC Cape May Ch NJ US 4 141
Denzel Bridge Club Carbondale IL US 8 223
Saluki Bridge Club Inc Carbondale IL US 8 223
Harvey's Bridge Cardiff CA US 22 531
Club de Bridge de la Bail Carleton QC CD 1 199
Carlsbad Duplicate Club Carlsbad NM US 17 376
La Costa Glen Carlsbad CA US 22 531
Carman Bridge Club Carman MB CD 2 181
Carmel Valley Manor DBC Carmel CA US 21 530
Stratford At West Clay Carmel IN US 11 130
Carrollton DBC Carrollton GA US 7 114