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Name City State Country District Unit
Yarmouth DBC Yarmouth NS CD 1 194
Yarmouth Neighborhood BC Yarmouth ME US 25 189
Bridge Boardroom York PA US 4 168
White Rose BC INC York PA US 4 168
10 No Trump DBC York Beach ME US 25 189
Yorkville DBC Yorkville IL US 13 123
Lexington BC Youngstown OH US 5 111
South Side Duplicate Club Youngstown OH US 5 111
Thursday Bridge Game Youngstown OH US 5 111
Yreka Bridge Club Yreka CA US 20 464
Yuba City DBC Yuba City CA US 20 457
Morongo Basin Bridge Club Yucca Valley CA US 22 516
The Alcon Bridge Club Yuma AZ US 17 358
Yuma Duplicate Bridge Yuma AZ US 17 358
Zelienople Bridge Club Zelienople PA US 5 229