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Name City State Country District Unit
Bridge For You II Waterloo IA US 14 163
K-W Bridge Studio Waterloo ON CD 2 249
Seneca DBC Waterloo NY US 4 112
Waterloo Cedar Falls Masters Waterloo IA US 14 163
Northern NY Bridge Club Watertown NY US 4 112
Village DBC Watha NC US 7 118
A Bridge Club in Waukesha WI 1 Waukesha WI US 13 222
BBad Bridge Club Waukesha WI US 13 222
Waukesha Bridge Club Waukesha WI US 13 222
Waupaca Duplicate Bridge Club Waupaca WI US 13 149
Wausau Duplicate Club Wausau WI US 13 149
Lariat Waxahachie TX US 16 176
South Charlotte DBC Waxhaw NC US 7 153
Waynesboro DBC Waynesboro VA US 6 139
Smoky Mountain DBC Waynesville NC US 7 171