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Name City State Country District Unit
Shadowwood CC Bonita Spgs FL US 9 128
Bonnyville DBC Bonnyville AB CD 18 391
Harbor DBC Boothbay Hbr ME US 25 189
Borger Duplicate Club Borger TX US 15 210
A J B B Boucherville QC CD 1 151
Boulder Bridge Club Boulder CO US 17 359
Bridge on Thursdays Boulder CO US 17 359
Friday Afternoon Club Boulder CO US 17 359
Open Bridge at the Elks DBC Boulder CO US 17 359
The Wednesday Bridge Club Boulder CO US 17 359
John and Joan Cook DBC Bow NH US 25 150
Bowdon Duplicate BC Bowdon GA US 7 114
Bowling Green Bowling Green OH US 12 105
Bowling Green DBC Bowling Green KY US 10 179
Aberdeen CC Boynton Beach FL US 9 128