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Name City State Country District Unit
Sagamore Bridge Club Syosset NY US 24 242
Syracuse Contract BC Syracuse NY US 4 112
Tacoma Bridge Club Tacoma WA US 19 451
Capital City Duplicate BC Tallahassee FL US 9 219
Tallahassee DBC Tallahassee FL US 9 219
Tri-County Contract BC Tallassee AL US 10 157
Tampa Bay Bridge Center Tampa FL US 9 128
Taos Duplicate Bridge Club Taos NM US 17 381
Braemar CC Tarzana CA US 23 561
Friendly City Bridge Club Taylor PA US 4 120
Oak Tree Bridge Club Tehachapi CA US 22 514
Telluride Bridge Club Telluride CO US 17 364
Bridge 4 Fun Temecula CA US 22 534
Tempe DBC Tempe AZ US 17 351
Bridge Studio of Temple Temple TX US 16 233