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Name City State Country District Unit
Bridge Club of Springfield Springfield IL US 8 208
Emerald Bridge Club Springfield OR US 20 479
Springfield BC Springfield MA US 25 196
SW Missouri Unit 101 Springfield MO US 15 101
Blue Ridge Bridge Spruce Pine NC US 7 244
Squamish Bridge Club Squamish BC CD 19 429
Ste-Adele Bridge Club St Adele QC CD 1 151
St Albert DBC St Albert AB CD 18 391
Bridge Centre of Niagara St Catharine ON CD 2 166
Camelot Bridge Club St Catharine ON CD 2 166
Camelot Summer Interlude St Catharine ON CD 2 166
Belmont Hills Country Club St Clairsvle Le OH US 5 148
Shore-Pointe Bridge Club St Clr Shores Res MI US 12 203
Club Quatre Coeurs St Foy QC CD 1 152
St Hilaire Bridge Club St Hilaire QC CD 1 151