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Name City State Country District Unit
Belmont Duplicate Bridge Club Belmont MA US 25 108
Peninsula DBC Belmont CA US 21 498
Duplicate Bidders Belton MO US 15 131
Belvedere Bridge Club Belvedere CA US 21 508
David's Bridge Club Belvedere CA US 21 508
Bemidji Duplicate Bridge Bemidji MN US 14 103
Bend Ace of Hearts Bend OR US 20 476
Cascade DBC Bend OR US 20 476
Gentle Bridge Bend OR US 20 476
Razorback DBC Bentonville AR US 15 247
Crystal Bridge Club Benzonia MI US 12 195
Berkeley City Club Berkeley CA US 21 497
Grand Slam Bridge Club Berlin MD US 6 135
Sandia West Bridge Studio Bernalillo NM US 17 374
Bethlehem Bridge Club Bethlehem PA US 4 133