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Name City State Country District Unit
Whitehall Duplicate Club Pittsburgh PA US 5 142
Pembury BC Pittsfield MA US 25 196
Friendly Bridge Club Plano TX US 16 176
Plattsburgh DBC Plattsburgh NY US 3 156
Plymouth DBC Plymouth MI US 12 137
Four Seasons Bridge Club Pocahontas VA US 6 231
Gate City Bridge Club Pocatello ID US 18 399
Little Slam Bridge Club Pocatello ID US 18 399
Solivita Bridge Club Poinciana FL US 9 128
Club 52 Pointe Claire QC CD 1 151
West Island Bridge Club Pointe-Claire QC CD 1 151
Pompano Beach DBC Pompano Beach FL US 9 243
Skolnick CC Bridge Club Pompano Beach FL US 9 243
Sandpoint DBC Ponderay ID US 18 395
Bridge with Anne Ponte Vedra Ch FL US 9 128