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Name City State Country District Unit
Pottstown Duplicate Pottstown PA US 4 121
Rockville Duplicate Potomac MD US 6 147
Diane's Games in Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie NY US 3 186
Viking Bridge Club Portsmouth RI US 25 145
Adult Center of Prescott DBC Prescott AZ US 17 355
Powell River Duplicate Cl Powell River BC CD 19 429
Greater Portland BC Portland ME US 25 189
Club de Bridge Prevost Prevost QC CD 1 151
Beach Bridge Club Portage IN US 12 154
Portland Bridge Club Portland OR US 20 487
Bridge Ctr of Mid Hudson Vlly Poughkeepsie NY US 3 186
Schuylkill Duplicate BL Pottsville PA US 4 120
Porterville Sierra Hills DBC Porterville CA US 22 548
Cape Carders BC Portland ME US 25 189
Lake City DBC Post Falls ID US 18 395