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Name City State Country District Unit
Unit 503 Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Friday Afternoon Parkersburg WV US 5 148
Oceanside DBC Parksville BC CD 19 429
Panama City DBC Panama City FL US 9 219
Palm Springs Bridge Club Palm Springs CA US 22 533
Joshua Tree Bridge Club Palmdale CA US 23 556
Artybridge Club Parma OH US 5 125
Mountain Bridge Park City UT US 18 386
Paris D Players Paris IL US 8 208
Wed Aft 199ers Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Parkhill Bridge Club LC Park Hill ON CD 2 249
Palo Alto Duplicate Palo Alto CA US 21 503
Waynesborough CC/DBC Paoli PA US 4 141
Tuesday Noon Bridge Club Palo Alto CA US 21 503
North County Duplicate BC Paso Robles CA US 22 540